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Steve Mooney

California Mechanics Lien Lawyer

California Mechanics Lien Lawyer

Expunging Mechanics Liens From Your Property Records

If you are asking yourself, why has a contractor filed a lien on my house then you have come to the right place.  Do you need to expunge a mechanics' lien? Steve Mooney, the California Mechanics' Lien Lawyer, expunges mechanics' liens from your property. We file a petition with the court, if necessary, to "release" or "expunge" or, in other words, remove the lien from your property records so as to quiet the title to your real estate property.  The terms are used interchangeably. If there is a lien on your home, other real estate property, a commercial building for example,  you will need the services of a the California Mechanics Lien Lawyer who  has a proven record in expunging mechanics liens from real estate properties. Expunging is the legal terminology used for removing mechanics liens from your property records.  If you are looking at this mechanics lien law website, chances are someone recorded a lien on your property. 

Whoever put the lien on your property may not have the right to do so for many reasons. Usually, the person who recorded the mechanics' lien was a person who worked at your property. The person could be a general contractor, a subcontractor, a laborer, a supplier of materials, or a design professional like an architect or an engineer. The most likely reason a person records a mechanics' lien is the person believes he was not paid what was owed to him for work done on your property. However, just because someone worked on your property does not give them a right to record a lien on it. 

The law states who, when, why and how someone can record a mechanics lien. The law must be followed.

Lawyer Steve Mooney can expunge or “release” mechanics' liens from your real estate property and clear your title. A properly trained attorney with expertise in the field of mechanics' lien law is the type of lawyer needed to handle this precise legal process and obtain for you clear title to your property. A recorded mechanics lien is a dangerous thing. The Claimant, the one who filed the lien, can foreclose on your property.  

 There is a legal or statutory process which must be followed in order to get the lien removed. Failure to follow the statutory scheme correctly will result in the lien remaining on the property records, cause delays, waste time and money and cause headaches that you most certainly do not need during a work of improvement, a home remodel project, a sale of land, or a tenant improvement for your business.

California Mechanics Lien Lawyer

Services Provided

  • Expunge existing mechanics' liens
  • Clear the title to your real estate at the county recorder's office
  • "Quiet Title" to your real estate title
  • Obtain your tenant improvement money for you if you are a leaseholder that has a deal with a landlord of commercial property for tenant improvements

  • Represent you in court 
  • Work on your behalf whether or not court action Is necessary
  • Work to make the claimant pay your legal expenses and costs
  • File suit to enforce the terms of your contract, if necessary
  • Defend you in court if you are sued

Take Action Now! Avoid delays in closing escrow. Avoid being denied a loan. Avoid paying a bogus lien!

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