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Steve Mooney

California Mechanics Lien Lawyer

California Mechanics Lien Lawyer

Expunge mechanics liens

Steve Mooney, the California Mechanics' Lien Lawyer can expunge mechanic’s liens filed against your property whether you are an owner or a leaseholder. When you retain steve Mooney, you can count on him to satisfy all your needs regarding the issue in an expeditious manner. Furthermore, he can oftentimes get the court to order the claimant, the one who filed the lien, to pay for your legal expenses. The legal process must be followed precisely in order to have the Claimant pay your legal expenses.

According to the sixth edition of the Black’s Law Dictionary, the term “expunge” means to destroy, obliterate, and erase. In the field of law, expunging a mechanic’s lien is a legal process that includes the following steps:

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  1. A petition is filed with the court and a hearing is scheduled.
  2. At the hearing, the judge will determine whether the lien should be expunged.
  3. If the judge determines that the mechanic’s lien should be expunged, he or she will sign an order to remove the lien.
  4. An attorney will prepare the order for the judge to sign.
  5. A copy is then recorded at the County Recorder in the official real estate records.

Once the order is recorded, the lien will no longer cloud your title to your property. You will no longer be prevented from refinancing it or selling it. The official record will no longer indicate that there is a lien on your property

Services Provided

  • Get Mechanic’s Liens off Your Property Record
  • Expunge Mechanic’s Liens

  • Clear Title to Your Real Estate
  • Obtain Your Tenant Improvement Money for You


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